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It is a technology company based on fine synthetic chemistry, and the TRL of SERA SOO consists of a total of 5 stages.
※ TRL (Technology Readiness Level)

  • TRL-1

    As the basic research stage, theoretical research or experiments are conducted.

    ① Anyone, including customers or partners, can freely propose development
    ② Depending on the content of the technology, a form of joint development is also possible
    ③ SERA SOO self-selected and proceeded with advanced development

    INCI Name CAS Number
    Diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate 302776-68-7
    Diethylhexyl Butamido Triazone 154702-15-5
    Ethylhexyl Triazone 88122-99-0
    Polysilicone-15 207574-74-1
  • TRL-2

    In the basic research stage, practical-purpose ideas or patents are registered.

    As of 2021, SERA SOO has applied for a total of 7 patents and registered 4 patents registrations.

    Patent registration status Reference Number
    TDSA acidification process patent -
    Method for manufacturing organic/inorganic hybrid UV absorber -
    Other UV absorbers process patents -
  • TRL-3

    As an experimental stage, Evaluate core performance through experimental samples.

    Based on the strategic partnership with KS Pearl which is specialized in inorganic coating process, we manufacture and experiment various high-quality products.

    Product Information Remark
    Organic-Inorganic hybrid UV absorber_TDSZ TDSA + ZnO
    Organic-Inorganic hybrid UV absorber_TDSS TDSA + SiO2
    Organic-Inorganic hybrid UV absorber_TDST TDSA + TiO2
  • TRL-4

    As a prototype stage, manufacture pilot product and evaluate key performance.

    We conducting performance evaluation with Kolmar Korea the world's No. 1 cosmetics ODM company.

    Main Content Remark
    Organic-Inorganic hybrid UV absorber_TDST -
    Completion of basic test method -
    Optimized formulation finding -
  • TRL-5

    As a commercialization stage, leads to actual product sales in the market.

    Currently, we have successfully commercialized two products and are selling them in the global market.

    Product name INCI Name

    Sun-Shel TDSA
    Terephthalylidene Dicamphor Sulfonic Acid

    Sun-Shel DMTS
    Drometrizole trisiloxane

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