Social responsibility

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Social responsibility


A company that cares about the environment

As a company that puts the environment first, Serasoo is working hard to achieve five environmental goals.

  • ① Climate change
  • ② Saving of resources
  • ③ Promote recycling
  • ④ Clean technology
  • ⑤ Smart growth

ISO-14001 certification is the first step in serasoo's effort for the environment.


A company that dreams of a happy society

SERA SOO strives to create an egalitarian and happy society where everyone can be together.

  • ① Protection of weakers of society
  • ② Improvement of working environment
  • ③ Social safety consideration
  • ④ Employment equality and diversification

SERA SOO is participating in donation as a activity for the world we live together.


A company that complies with the law and ethics

SERA SOO aims to operate transparently by complying with laws and ethics.

  • ① Excutive pay
  • ② Bribery and corruption
  • ③ Political lobbying and donations
  • ④ Tax strategy

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