Sun-Shel DMTS

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Sun-Shel is a compound word of Sun, meaning sun and shelter, meaning to protect.
As a trade mark representing the UV filters developed and manufactured by SERA SOO, it contains the goal of our products to safely protect people from UV rays.

Sun-Shel DMTS

Sun-Shel DMTS

Excellent solubility & Broad-spectrum UV absorber

  • Quality and price competitiveness through Sera soo's process patents and know-how
  • Market expandability through EU-REACH registration (10-100 tons) and NMPA registration in China
  • Securing the safety of raw materials through 4 kinds clinical safety test
  • Securing safety stock through advanced production (Immediate response to customer requests)
INCI Name Drometrizole trisiloxane
Common Name Mexoryl XL
CAS Number 155633-54-8
UV (λmax) 304nm and 342nm
Mol. Weight 501.9 (g/mol)
Melting point 46~49℃
Assay (HPLC) 98.0~102.0%
EU-REACH reg. # 01-0000016945-60-0004
NMPA reg. # 003277

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