Sun-Shel TDST.Z

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Sun-Shel is a compound word of Sun, meaning sun and shelter, meaning to protect.
As a trade mark representing the UV filters developed and manufactured by SERA SOO, it contains the goal of our products to safely protect people from UV rays.

Sun-Shel TDST.Z

Sun-Shel TDST.Z

Organic-Inorganic hybrid UV absorber

  • constituent
    Inorganic UV absorbers( TiO2, ZnO), 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane, TDSA
  • It is newly developed material with the patented technology of SERA SOO.
    (Only SERA SOO can supply with Global patents)
  • Benefits
    ① no neutralization process required
    ② Easy to disperse in water
    ③ Structual features increase the safety (prevention of skin penetration)
    ④ Wide range UV protection from UVB to UVA (Enhanced effect)
    ⑤ Deep UVA (370nm ~ 400nm)/Blue light protection

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